Frequently Asked Questions


Can anyone attend a York Auction Group Auction?

  • YES! All auctions conducted by York Auction Group are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Why an Auction?

  • Auctions are no longer “a last resort”. For literally thousands of years, auctions have been utilized to sell assets… to convert assets into cash. In today’s world, the Stock Market is a great example of the auction process at work. Auctions allow sellers to utilize the competitive bidding process to drive prices to true market value.

Why chose York Auction Group?

  • REPUTATION AND LEGACY. York Auction Group reputation is unparalleled.

What types of auctions to you handle? Do you auction Real Estate as well?

  • York Auction Group handles projects of all sizes – small to large. Our emphasis is on Estate Auctions and Business Liquidations. A large percentage of our auctions are “Live/On-site” auctions with a small percentage being “Online Only”. York Auction Group is partnered with a licensed Real Estate Firm able to utilize the auction method of marketing to sell your residential, commercial/industrial property as well as vacant land.

What is a BP?

  • A BP is a Buyer’s premium that is an “add-on” fee paid for by each individual winning bidder on each purchase. The BP  varies based on the form of payment or terms of the auction.


How can I Register? Is it free?

  • Registration at a York Auction Group is always free. We require every potential bidder on the auction premises to register as they enter the event. For online only auctions registration can be completed through our website.
  • Advanced deposits may be necessary for Real Estate Auctions, online only auctions, and/or absentee bidding. Deposits must be paid with cash or certified funds.

If I cannot attend your next auction, can I still bid?

  • York Auction Group can always accommodate those who for whatever reason cannot physically attend an auction. Our friendly staff is equipped to handle absentee/phone/email bids.

Can I pay my invoice with a credit card? Can I pay with a personal/company check?

  • Personal/company checks are not a permitted form of payment by York Auction Group. Visa, MasterCard and Discover can be used for the initial deposits; however, cash or cash equivalent is needed for full and final payment.
  • Personal Property Auctions can always be paid for by Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards can be taken as payment. Additional processing fees are applied.

When must I pay for the items? When do I pick up my items?

  • All invoices are to be paid in full on day of the auction. For our online auctions, they are required to be paid in full within 24 hours. If payments are not made in full on the day of the auction and we do not have a sufficient deposit, your bill will be considered forfeited and abandoned. Very rarely does this occur, as our staff attempts to be as accommodating as possible. Items can be picked up only after full payment of entire bill. Times for pickup will be announced by the auctioneer prior to sale.


How do I sell my items/business at auction?

  • Call today for a free, private, and confidential consultation.

What are your commission rates?

  • Rates for each auction are subject to private negotiation.

How soon do I get paid?

  • Full settlements are required to be completed and sent within 30 days of sale date. York Auction Group policy is to settle all auction reports within 10-14 days of final collections. Along with a trust account check, York Auction Group will provide you with a complete auction summary that includes the auctions summary, auction expense report and all applicable invoices and backup documentation.