Buy? Sell? AUCTION!!!

York Auction Group Auctions is a full service firm offering our clients complete and thorough asset appraisal, evaluation and disposition. We offer single source, flexible solutions that allow our clients to resell their assets at highly attended and profitable auctions. York Auction Group has built a reputation of delivering top dollar for its clients, through careful planning and execution, and by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. We adhere to strict standards of confidentiality in all aspects of the appraisal process and are sensitive to client deadlines.

Staffed with qualified auctioneers, appraisers and bookkeepers, we have the expertise to evaluate and remarket your assets and provide for the greatest recovery in the shortest period of time.

Regardless of the asset size or value, feel free to draw on the expertise of York Auction Group Auctions. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.


  • York Auction Group will handle all negotiations as discreetly as desired.
  • Once commissioned to handle a project, York Auction Group will assign a project supervisor to oversee all aspects of the liquidation.


  • A Proposed Auction Expense Budget will be formulated by utilizing previous experience within a specified field.
  • York Auction Group will design and place all newspaper, trade publication advertising and internet marketing.
  • Direct Mail will be sent First Class, as deemed most beneficial to the Seller.
  • Email, Telemarketing and Facsimile Marketing to subscribers and targeted customers will help to ensure a strong turnout come Auction Day.
  • Advance Auction Promotion, by our entire firm, will enhance our chances for a successful project.
  • Internet Marketing will be utilized.


  • York Auction Group will provide experienced staff to professionally prepare the assets for auction.
  • Preparations for crowd control and auction flow will be made.
  • Cataloguing of the assets to be sold will provide necessary information for the Auctioneer and customers.
  • Moving, Storage, Clean-up and Rubbish Removal can, and will be, arranged for and/or handled by York Auction Group Auctions, upon request.
  • Security Staff will be hired and placed as deemed necessary.


  • York Auction Group utilizes a recognizable, effective and time-tested Auction Program which provides for rapid accounting and computer generated reports.
  • Staff Bookkeeper handles all invoicing and collections.


  • Set Up: Field Supervisor and personnel will organize and arrange the assets so as to maximize the net return to the Seller.
  • Auction Day: Auctioneers, Registration Personnel, Bookkeepers, Bid Spotters, and Floor Personnel will provide the Seller with complete, thorough and professional auctions.
  • Check out: Bookkeeper, Supervisor and Staff will handle all collections, and oversee the orderly removal of assets.


  • Office Staff will prepare a complete Summary Statement with pertinent back up documentation. Final Payment is generally within 15 days after final collections. All payments are made by Trust Account check.
  • At conclusion, York Auction Group has converted your non-liquid assets into CASH!